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Online Admission

The system as the name clarifies is developed for Colleges to help automate the admission procedure by Pink Mind. The system is an internet based application which can be accessed from anytime anywhere basis. The system has three tier access models.

  • Administrator
  • User/Applicants
  • System

The goal of 'Online Admission System' is to automate the Academic Institute's admission structure and its related operation and functionality. The objective of the initiative is to provide support to the administration and admission seeking candidates by providing a faster, transparent and easy way of keeping records and use them for reference and further proceedings.

Some of the Modules are
  • Administrator
    • >> Setting up of various parameters of the online admission systems like marks criteria for individual subjects, all subjects.
    • >> Student admission parameter, merit list criteria etc.
    • >> The merit list will be prepared based on the criteria specified by the college, which will be informed during the order process but without bypassing the University Norms (merit list published as Gen, SC, ST, OBC-A, OBC-B, PH, Transgender automatically).
    • >> The Merit List will be published on a particular date and time, as specified by the College.
  • User / Applicants
    There are two steps allowed in the system
    • 1. A detailed process, which allows the student to do a pre registration procedure. The advantage of this flow is whenever the college will float any notice regarding admission procedure, merit list, form fill up and final admission the user/student will receive automated mail/SMS to his/her registered mail id/mobile phone. This procedure is also facilitate with uploading of necessary documents means the user will always get a better advantage by putting up his document on the system.
    • 2. This is a quick procedure where user can download the form & bank challan by inputting very minimal information.
    • >> The no of application for each student will be depending on the criteria set by the college.
    • >> The online admission form should contain the details like name, date of birth, guardian's name, address, courses applied for etc. and all other usual details.
    • >> A student should be able to take print out of submitted form and the prescribed challan any number of times. The Form No and the date of birth have to be keyed in to get the Print out of the form/challan.
    • >> The students will also check his/her status of the application like payment, merit list etc at any moment from the website.
  • System
    • >> This module basically to operate the front website operations like selecting subjects, putting up of notice and other important information related to the admission procedure.
Highlights of Online Admission System

Web based, Multi User Control, Integrated Information, 100% Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly, Paperless Transactions, 24/7 Real-Time Access, No Duplication Of Data, User-Friendly Interface, Better Communication, Increased Security, Better Work Flow, Accuracy & Consistency, Better Resource Management, Enhanced Productivity, Secured Database, 24/7 Tech Support, Centralized Management, Allied Cross-Departmental Process.

  • >> Data security is maintained on a departmental level.
  • >> High degree of security and safety according to international standards.
  • >> Manual effort is reduced and speedy and accurate reports are generated.
  • >> High degree of transparency of the institution through the Web.
  • >> Student conveniences extended beyond the limit of internet usage.
  • >> Overall reduction of operating costs; and savings on time and efforts.
  • >> Easy to learn, use and implement.
  • >> Highly streamlined and effective workflow of administration and academia.
  • >> Ensures greater efficiency.
  • >> Unlimited number of users.
  • >> Easy to customize.
Features we provide for 'Online Admission System'
  • >> Automated online software system works 24 x 7: Minimizes time of processing - due to no time barrier, institutes admission process time is reduced. Institutes can publish their merit list lot earlier compared to manual way.
  • >> Avoid hectic submission process: Allows candidates / students to fill application form at their convenient time in a comfortable environment.
  • >> No Geographical Boundary, Candidates can fill application form from anywhere i.e. convenient place.
  • >> The verification of the documents as per the college convenient time.
  • >> Eligibility Criteria - College can set the parameter so that only Eligible Candidate Can Apply: Data filtered through the eligibility criteria - checks can be provided so that only eligible candidates can apply. Moreover the candidate data is to be entered only once.
  • >> Enhance Productivity - as a result of this institute can utilize these man power resources in other activities.
  • >> Very Accurate and Reliable - The process is very accurate and reliable due to limited human involvement.
  • >> Dynamic and User Friendly: The entire process is very dynamic - any changes can be reflected in real time & will immediately reach the candidates. The process is simple & user friendly. Similar to filling a form manually, the difference is the keyboard being in use instead of pen.
  • >> Customizable Real Time Reports: Institutes can monitor the ongoing process.
  • >> Have day to day summary of progress of the admission.
  • >> Great Flexibility - Various types of reports can be generated in quick time with minor changes in the design.
Added Features of Online Admission System
  • The system has the ability to calculate based on criteria set by the college authority.
  • The software has the ability to set up criteria (individual criteria for each subject & one single rule for all) and calculate on the said basis.
  • The system is able to generate the selection list / merit list in a single click.
  • The system is stable to perform multiple registrations at a time, can handle multiple connections.
  • The online software is fully customizable.
  • Our application compatible with all popular browsers as well as various mobile and tab (responsive mode).
  • The College should have an access to the overview of the submitted form details (form no, selection of course, student name, challan no) in various popular formats like xls/cvs/txt/pdf format at any point of time during the admission process.
  • Administrator password will provide to access and overview the entire process.
  • A regular time to time back-up with a mirror server will be provided.
  • Automated Email & SMS Gateway system (default integration in the system no need to pay any extra for this service).
  • Any necessary correspondence for payment updating will be follow up by us along with the necessary data updating.
Support from US

We provide User Training Support, Technical support, One Year Maintenance, One Year Hosting.

Delivery Model

Online Admission System - You can purchase one-time only license and host it on our servers. This model is useful as you don't have to invest on local/web servers, infrastructure and maintenance at your college. The maintenance and upgrades will be done by our experienced teams of professionals. We will provide unique front GUI template which is exclusively for your college only.

Technology Used

PHP MVC architecture, MY SQL/SQL SERVER/JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design mode using UI interface, SMS Gateway integration (optional), Payment gateway, SSL

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